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Do I need a Military Lawyer Near me?

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If you found this article, you may have searched for “Military Lawyer Near Me”. You may be a military member who faces criminal charges, an administrative separation or other adverse action and need a lawyer to defend your rights and represent you during legal proceedings.

Having a military lawyer near you does help when you need to prepare for a board of inquiry, an administrative separation board, or a Court Martial. However, most of the work in preparing for these events happens remotely, regardless of whether your lawyer is near where you are stationed. The most important aspect of choosing your lawyer is their familiarity with the unique culture and structure of the armed forces. This understanding allows them to better comprehend the circumstances surrounding a case, ensuring that legal advice and representation are tailored to the military context. Military lawyers also have specialized knowledge of military law, the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), and the specific legal issues that service members may face. This expertise is valuable in navigating the complexities of military legal matters. Expanding the reach of expertise outside of a physical location gives service members access to a larger pool of potential representation.

I need a lawyer right now

In urgent situations, having a military lawyer nearby allows for a prompt response to legal issues. This can be crucial in cases where immediate action is required to protect the rights and interests of the service member. But being nearby really means availability not location. Fortunately, early representation can be done remotely. It isn’t necessary to have a lawyer physically located nearby, and it helps to be unconstrained by the hours of a brick-and-mortar business when you need help right away. That is how the Law Office of Peter Kageleiry, Jr. works. We serve service members worldwide and are available to engage after hours whenever necessary. Depending on the type of case and once retained, Pete can get to work reviewing your case, communicating with the command and investigators, and preparing a rigorous defense.

How does working remotely benefit my case?

Once you retain the Law Office of Peter Kageleiry, Jr., you benefit from the flexible hours and online collaboration with our office. Additionally, no matter where you are stationed, choosing the Law Office of Peter Kageleiry, Jr. allows you access to an experienced attorney with more than 25 years of military legal experience. As a retired JAG officer Pete spent most of his military career in criminal law and, uniquely, has appellate experience as well. As a former military police officer who has deployed to combat in both Haiti and Somalia, he understands service members, the stress and challenge of their jobs, and the effect their combat experience has on their mental health, physical health, and their relationships with others around them. When you search for a “military lawyer near me” what you may be looking for is a military lawyer nearest to understanding your case and nearest to the standard of expertise you are looking for.

Where do you represent service members?

The Law Office of Peter Kageleiry, Jr. has represented service members worldwide. Anywhere there is a military court room or military command, Pete can represent service members there. Most recently we have represented Soldiers stationed in Poland, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Kuwait, Hawaii, Korea, Irbil, Guam, Norfolk Naval Base, Louisiana National Guard, the New Hampshire National Guard, Oregon National Guard, Pensacola Air Station, Camp Pendleton, Fort Campbell, Japan, Fort Cavazos, Fort Gregg-Adams, Fort Liberty, Fort Stewart, Langley Air Force Base, Fort Meade, and among others.

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