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  • Mr. Kageleiry Fought For Me

    Mr. Kageleiry represented me at my court martial. From the very beginning of a year long ordeal, Pete was on my side aggressively fighting for me. I was accused of killing another person, but Pete proved to the jury that I acted in self-defense. Pete was prepared for every part of the case and he knew how to take over the court room, especially when he confronted the prosecution's witnesses. Thanks to him, I was able to prove my innocence. The very next week I was promoted and since then I have gone on with my military career. Thanks to Mr. Kageleiry I am still having a great life.

  • Pete gets it done!

    I hired Pete to represent my son in a court martial case. The charges were over exaggerated by his junior grade commanding officer who didn't really know what he was doing. Then add over zealous military prosecuting attorneys trying to put notches on their belt and my son was heading for a disaster. As soon as Pete got involved everything changed.They immediately dropped all the piled on frivolous charges,and made a plea agreement. We trusted the free defense military attorney at first. "big mistake" I believe if I would have hired Pete from the very start all charges would have been dropped. Don't trust the government with your sons and daughters when it comes to legal matters.They could end up incarcerated. After this incident he immediately got out of service with a honarable condition discharge. You get what you pay for.

  • Court Martial Officer Client

    LTC (Ret) Peter Kageleiry is an outstanding lawyer and a true patriot. I must say that he did an outstanding job defending me at my Army court martial trial. This was a very critical time in my military career. It was also very stressful for my family. Pete fought for me every step of the way and always kept a positive attitude no matter the obstacles he encountered. The prosecution came at us with two pages of charges and Pete never wavered but attacked the government’s case one witness at a time until it fell apart. After Several months of investigation and a week long trial, I was exonerated. I continued my military career and retired with an honorable discharge.

  • Text of voice mail left from the father of a court-martial client:

    Hey Pete, this is (Client’s) Dad, I just wanted to call and thank you for your services. You're the man, you are the man. Hiring you was the best thing we’ve ever done. . . . . Hiring you was the answer. There is no doubt about that. You have earned every penny. . . . We are very happy with the outcome and again thank you for your services. You can use me as a reference for any of your future clients. I will be glad to do so. We are thoroughly pleased with the work you’ve done. You did a great job. . . . We appreciate your direct way of dealing with the situation and I appreciate it thank you again. . . .

  • The results speak for themselves

    I hired Pete to represent me during a Board of Inquiry in which I was required to "show cause" for staying in the Navy. The results speak for themselves – Thanks to Mr. Kageleiry’s advocacy I was exonerated of the allegations against me. Pete was well prepared and he did a great job convincing the board that I had not committed any misconduct. I was previously taken to Captains Mast for Assault (Article 128), Conduct Unbecoming an Officer (Article 133) and Drunk and Disorderly Conduct (Article 134). Pete correctly anticipated the issues in my case and was able to use his military experience as well his understanding of the legal issues to convince the board that I should be allowed to continue my military career. I highly recommend Mr. Kageliery for anyone stuck in a similar situation.

  • I hired Pete to represent me and it was the best course of action I could have taken

    I tested positive for DAMP due to ADHD medicine. Despite a medical professional testing, diagnosis with treatment, and five medical doctors and pharmaceutical professional supportive documentation, the Navy required me to show cause for retention at a BOI. I hired Pete to represent me and it was the best course of action I could have taken. His professional experience as an Army JAG & with military law was crucial in representing my case to the Board. The Board's final decision was in my favor, and they decided 'no misconduct' and recommended retention in military service.



    I hired Pete to represent me at a Board of Inquiry. My ex-wife falsely accused me of sexual assault, domestic abuse, and other misconduct. Pete crushed the government’s witnesses during cross-examination: he exposed their motives to lie and exaggerate. Pete also called witnesses whose testimony demonstrated my ex-wife, not me, was the abusive person in our relationship. She had assaulted me on numerous occasions, abused me emotionally, and when I caught her cheating on me she accused me of all those things. However, because she claimed to be the victim my chain of command was afraid and/or ignored the evidence that she was making up the allegations.

    During the separation hearing, the government military lawyers did everything they could to smear my good name and to depict me as a monster. They argued I should receive an other than honorable discharge. Pete fought back at every stage of the two-day hearing to get the truth out – he made tough decisions before and during the hearing that paid off huge in the end. At the end of the case, I was nervous – the government used all their resources to come after me. But Pete delivered a masterful closing argument convincing the three board members I had committed NONE of the misconduct. I was stunned that my two-year ordeal was finally over.

    I am thankful to Mr. Kageleiry for the work he put into my case. He saved my military pension, my medical benefits, and gave me a chance to get my life back on track. If you are an officer or enlisted in the military and fighting for your career, your pension, and the benefits you’ve earned, hire Mr. Kageleiry!


    I served in the Navy for more than 17 years, including ten combat deployments. I served in combat in multiple countries including Iraq and Afghanistan. I also received six awards for valor in combat. Because of my prolonged exposure to combat, I suffer from a number of health issues, including PTSD. It had become difficult to function in a “normal” environment, but I continued to want to serve. Members of my command manipulated me into waiving my entitlement to an administrative discharge board hearing – they did not know what else to do with me, so they were going to kick me out without any retirement or access to the long term medical care I need.

    When I contacted Mr. Kageleiry, I was just a few weeks away from being administratively separated from the Navy with a General Discharge. Pete convinced the next higher level of command to stop the adverse separation process and give me a chance to go through the medical evaluation process instead. At the time, the Navy had no requirement to process me through medical channels even though I was obviously suffering from PTSD. Thanks to Mr. Kageleiry’s efforts over more than 18 months, I was given the time needed to be diagnosed and subsequently given a very high disability rating. Recently, I received my DD214 with an Honorable Discharge and will start receiving my medical retirement / disability pay. I will also have access to medical care through the VA.

    Pete fought for me every step of the way through the administrative process and through the threat of a Special Court-Martial. In large part because of Mr. Kageleiry’s advocacy on my behalf, my chain of command came to realize that the right thing to do was to process me through medical channels and eventually supported my effort to receive a medical retirement. Pete understood how to communicate with the chain of command and how to craft an effective argument making then see the right course of action. He was able to effectively fight for me when no one else knew what to do. Pete is an exceptional military lawyer who understands what it means to serve our great country and who fights tirelessly to protect service members’ rights.

  • Great Result At Navy Separation Board

    After 28 years of Navy service, I was up against a tidal wave of allegations at an administrative separation board. I hired Mr. Kageleiry to represent me because of his experience and reputation for fighting for his clients. Pete fought tooth and nail to keep the government attorney from making unfair and irrelevant arguments. He gave a passionate closing argument that made a big difference in the outcome. I am very pleased with the result of the board. Mr. Kageleiry fought like a bulldog. I am relieved that I will retire as an E9 with an honorable discharge. Hiring Mr. Kageleiry paid off for me and my family.

  • Overturned Wrongful Sexual Assault Conviction

    I hired Peter to help my son during his military appeal. That turned out to be a great decision! My son did not receive a fair trial for sexual assault and was sentenced to sixteen years in prison. After the court martial, the military gave my son a "free" appellate lawyer, but that lawyer told my son there was nothing he could do to help him and wanted to submit the case right away without arguing on my son's behalf. However, Mr. Kageleiry knew that the law was changing in some important ways that could help my son win his appeal, so he told my son to be patient. He turned out to be 100% correct.

    Peter did a very thorough and professional job. He answered all my questions and my son's questions and showed that he really cares about his clients. Most important, Mr. Kageleiry knows military law. The appeal court overturned my son's convictions and sentence. I am grateful that we found an experienced military lawyer to handle my son's appeal. If you or your family member is in trouble with the military, hire Mr. Kageleiry!

  • Navy Chief Accused of Fraternization, Article 92, RETAINED By Administrative Separation Board

    I hired Mr. Kageleiry to represent me at an administrative separation board. With my career and retirement at risk, I did not want to take any chances so I spoke with several civilian attorneys before finding Pete. Those other attorneys either wanted an absurd amount of money and/or did not know what they were talking about. When I talked with Pete, it was obvious he has done this before. Pete did an excellent job throughout the process. Before the board, I worked closely with him (not some assistant) to come up with a winning strategy. He patiently answered all my questions and gave me clear advice.

    The day prior to the board, I met the attorney the Navy gave me -- he had not read the file and had a crazy approach to the board that might have gotten me kicked out of the Navy. On the other hand, Pete knew exactly how to approach the board -- on the day of the board hearing, he quickly established trust with the board members and was able to talk directly and honestly with them about the best outcome not just for me but also for the Navy. Pete's military experience and his legal knowledge allowed him to speak with authority. The board members respected him and appreciated talking to an experienced attorney who obviously knows what he is doing. After listening to Pete talk, reviewing our letters, and my record, the board members voted unanimously to keep me in the Navy. Mr. Kageleiry even convinced them to write a letter of support to Navy personnel command. This was the best outcome I had hoped for. I am grateful I found Mr. Kageleiry and look forward to continuing in the Navy and reaching retirement in a few years.


  • Pete is an outstanding military defense lawyer

    I have worked with and against him on numerous cases since 2003, including several high profile court martial cases. He is a bulldog in and out of court when it comes to fighting for his clients.

  • I endorse Pete

    I have known him for over 12 years. He is a highly skilled and aggressive criminal defense lawyer. He has the trial experience and confidence that allows him to take difficult cases to trial and win.

  • Pete has extensive experience working at the trial and appellate level

    I fully endorse Pete. His 20+ years of experience in the military justice system sets him apart from others. Pete diligently investigates each case in order to get the best possible results for each of his clients.

  • Pete Kageleiry is one of the best lawyers out there

    I have worked with Pete at both the trial and appellate levels, and his work is superb. He goes all out for his clients. Now that he is retired from the military, he will continue to serve clients as a civilian attorney. If you need a court-martial lawyer, you can't go wrong with Pete Kageleiry.

  • Peter Kageleiry is nothing short of a military appellate expert

    His knowledge of the body of military law is nothing short of encyclopedic. I recommend him without hesitation for work on any military appeal. Likewise, his knowledge of caselaw and his down-to-earth demeanor make him a fierce ally in the trial courtroom. He is able to relate to military panels and to advocate to the junior and most senior members of the panel. He obtained a just result of full acquittal in a murder case after countless hours of preparation and flawless execution at trial. I endorse him without reservation for military trial work.

  • LTC Kageleiry is an excellent US Army lawyer and officer

    His specialty is in the area of military justice and is a superb courtroom strategist. He knows the Rules of Courts-Martial and the Rules of Evidence inside and out. I definitely call on him to help me on my toughest and most impossible cases. I endorse this laywer's work.

Client Endorsements

Mr. Kageleiry comes with excellent endorsements from his clients and his colleagues in military criminal defense. He is a highly recommended lawyer in the military legal defense community.

“I am a retired Lieutenant Colonel and I served as both a line officer and a JAG. I began my military career as a platoon leader in the 16th Military Police Brigade (Airborne) and 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. In 1998, I became a Judge Advocate and since then I have focused on court-martial law. As a result of this experience, I know the military and I know the court-martial process. I have spent well over a decade perfecting the courtroom skills and legal knowledge required to win tough court-martial cases. I have successfully defended court-martial cases all over the world. I am a retired Judge Advocate and former paratrooper. In my military career, I earned a reputation as a tenacious fighter for the rights of service members. I have more than 20 years’ military experience. Since 1998, I have defended or prosecuted military courts-martial, court-martial appeals and adverse administrative actions. Please see these client endorsements and my case results page to see how I have helped many clients like you. My colleagues and clients have named me as a highly recommended lawyer to work hard in your defense. You have earned your right to the best defense. Let me help you protect your career, your benefits and your freedom – Peter Kageleiry, Jr.

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