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Tough, Experienced, Aggressive

I am court-martial defense attorney Peter Kageleiry, Jr. I have successfully defended court-martial cases all over the world. From my offices, I defend U.S. military personnel anywhere there is a military base.

I founded The Law Office of Peter Kageleiry, Jr. because I believe you have earned the right to an experienced court-martial defense attorney. The most experienced lawyer in the courtroom should be your defense attorney, not the prosecutor. I approach my job the same way you approach yours: my mission comes first and that mission is defending your career, your rights, and your freedom.

If you are facing a court-martial or if you are under investigation, you need a tough, experienced, aggressive defense attorney. I am a retired Judge Advocate and former paratrooper. In my military career, I earned a reputation as a tenacious fighter for the rights of service members. You need an aggressive military law attorney with the experience to know when and how to fight against the vast resources the government brings against you. You need a court-martial specialist who places your rights and your military career first. I have helped thousands of service members like you.

Defending Your Freedom

If you are a soldier, sailor, airman or Marine facing a military court-martial or if you are under investigation, you need an experienced court-martial lawyer who knows military law and understands the military.

I have more than 20 years’ military experience. Since 1998, I have defended or prosecuted military courts-martial, court-martial appeals and adverse administrative actions:

  • Military Court-Martial Defense: I have successfully defended or prosecuted cases all over the world, including sex offenses, homicides, aggravated assault, drug offenses, fraud and larceny, and high-profile war crimes.
  • Court-Martial Appeals: I am an experienced appellate attorney having served as the Senior Appellate Attorney in the Army Defense Appellate Division.
  • Adverse Administrative Actions: I have helped thousands of service members with separation actions, non-judicial punishment, Captain’s mast, Article 15s, and letters of reprimand.
  • Investigations: Contact me as soon as you find out you are under investigation. If you wait, important evidence may disappear. You need an experienced defense counsel to protect your rights.

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No matter where you are stationed in the world, contact my office at 010-2924-8265 (In Korea) / +82 (0) 10-2924-8265 (Outside Korea) or through our convenient online form to schedule a free consultation.

Attorney Peter Kageleiry, Jr., focuses his legal practice exclusively on military court-martial law and related adverse administrative actions.

Defending Your Freedom

If you are a soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine facing a military court-martial or
if you are under investigation put Peter Kageleiry to work in your military defense.
Your military career, your service record and your future depend on it.

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