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If you are under a JAGMAN investigation, an IG investigation, command-directed 15-6 investigation, or an NCIS, OSI, or CID investigation, take action to defend yourself. You need advice from an attorney who has experience with the investigation process and the military. You can find an AR 15-6 investigation lawyer with our experienced military law attorney who can help you preserve favorable evidence, negotiate with your chain of command, and help you understand your rights in dealing with either an investigating officer or military law enforcement. The sooner you get an experienced military law expert working for you when you are under investigation, the more likely you are to get a better outcome. If you have questions about how Army commands conduct investigations you can turn to Army Regulation 15-6.

I am military law attorney Peter Kageleiry, Jr. I am a retired Lieutenant Colonel and Judge Advocate. Since 1998, I have worked almost exclusively as either a military defense attorney or a military prosecutor. I have advised commanders, law enforcement and hundreds of accused military members on all types of investigations. If you were looking for a JAGMAN Lawyer near me, you have reached the right place. From my office, I work to protect the rights of soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines in the Norfolk area and around the world. I have successfully defended hundreds of cases during all phases of the process: investigation, pretrial, and at courts-martial. I have experience navigating all kinds of investigations whether it’s a JAGMAN investigation, an IG investigation, command-directed 15-6 investigation, or an NCIS, OSI, or CID investigation. The most common command investigations are guided by AR 15-6 since the Army is the largest service. Find an AR 15-6 investigation lawyer right here at

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Investigator faces suspect in interview

Invoke your right to an experienced military law attorney when you are under investigation. Find a JAGMAN Investigation lawyer and they will advise you to not give a statement to the investigating officer, CID, NCIS, or OSI. Invoke your right to remain silent and request to speak with an attorney. In most cases, it is not in your long-term interest to give a statement no matter how much the investigator implies that you need to give a statement.

Military law enforcement agents are trained to use psychological interrogation methods against service members who are under investigation. Agents are also trained to lie to service members during the interrogation process. Combined with a tendency to rush to judgment, these interrogation methods produce unreliable results and obscure the truth. Don’t be fooled. It’s not in your interest to give a statement to military law enforcement.

It’s even more important now than ever to have aggressive representation when under JAGMAN or other investigation

The fiscal year 2020 NDAA has directed the services to make changes to their officer promotion boards. Promotion boards for some officers will now have access to reports of substantiated allegations of misconduct when deciding whether to recommend someone for promotion. Field Grade Officers have the right to respond to findings that result from an AR 15-6 investigation. Responding is critical, because if allegations are founded, they can end up in your official file available for the promotion board to see. Read more about this risk here. When you are notified you are under investigation, don’t wait. Find an AR 15-6 investigation lawyer now, or find a JAGMAN Lawyer near you.

“From the very beginning of a year long ordeal, Pete was on my side aggressively fighting for me. . . . Thanks to him, I was able to prove my innocence.”

Already Given A Statement While Under JAGMAN or other military investigation?

Now, more than ever, you need to find a JAGMAN lawyer when you are under investigation. I have completed the same advanced interrogation course that many military law enforcement agents attend. I have also published an authoritative article on the subject — an article cited by experts in the field of interrogation methods and an appellate court. Most important, I have successfully defended cases by revealing the rush to judgment and unscrupulous methods used by military law enforcement agents to manipulate statements. Whether you need to find a JAGMAN investigation lawyer, find an IG investigation lawyer, find an  AR 15-6 investigation lawyer, or an NCIS, OSI, or CID investigation, the earlier you get representation, the better chances you have of protecting your career, your benefits and your freedom. I have served many of your peers who also searched for a JAGMAN Lawyer near me. Call now to see how I can help you too.

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Attorney Peter Kageleiry, Jr., focuses his legal practice exclusively on military courts-martial law and related adverse administrative actions.

What are the Different Types of Military Investigation?

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