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U.S. Military Lawyer in Stuttgart, Germany

I am military lawyer Peter Kageleiry, Jr. When you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Stuttgart, call my office now. I have successfully defended court-martial cases and assisted service members protecting their careers all over the world. Using my experience as a discharge lawyer and a court-martial attorney, I defend U.S. military personnel anywhere there is a military base including those who need a military lawyer in Stuttgart. If you are facing UCMJ charges or under command investigation in Stuttgart, I can help. In my 20-years as a JAG , I spent four years in Germany, both prosecuting and defending service members. I can help you navigate the challenges of facing misconduct charges so far from home.

You deserve the best defense from a military lawyer in Stuttgart

In this long legacy of service, service members put their lives on the line serving their country. But service members sometimes face challenges that are a threat to their careers and their freedom. When your future is at risk, you want to have the best criminal defense and legal representation possible.

Service members in Europe work hard to maintain their readiness to respond to potential conflict. Because of this legacy of service you have earned the right to an experienced court-martial defense attorney. When it comes to defending your rights, I approach my job the same way you approach yours: my mission comes first and that mission is defending your career, your rights, and your freedom. I have the experience to be your criminal defense lawyer in Stuttgart.

Under Investigation? Facing court martial or AdSep?

If you are facing a court-martial or if you are under command investigation in Stuttgart, you need a tough, experienced, aggressive military lawyer. I am a retired Judge Advocate and former paratrooper. In my military career, I earned a reputation as a tenacious fighter for the rights of service members. You need an aggressive military law attorney with the experience to know when and how to fight against the vast resources the government brings against you. You need a court-martial specialist who places your rights and your military career first. I have helped thousands of service members like you.

If you are an officer facing a Board of Inquiry or an enlisted service member facing an adverse administrative discharge, or facing court-martial, don’t wait to get the experience you deserve. Whether you are stationed in the Germany, Italy or anywhere in the world, contact my office at (757) 504-2815 or through our convenient online form to schedule a free consultation.

Are you being investigated for toxic leadership or sexual harassment or are you accused of a crime such as sexual assault, adultery, or fraternization? Or you are facing an administrative separation board, letter or reprimand or GOMOR, or facing an Article 15? Don’t wait, contact the Law Office of Peter Kageleiry, Jr. right away. 

The Law Office of Peter Kageleiry, Jr. also serves military members stationed elsewhere in Germany

About the U. S. Military in Stuttgart

The Schlossplatz City Square in Stuttgart at early morning. Mr. Kageleiry can help Service members under investigation in Stuttgart; military lawyer Stuttgart

The Schlossplatz City Square in Stuttgart at early morning.

Stuttgart is home to both the United States European Command (EUCOM) and the United States African Command (AFRICOM). U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart provides facility support services and quality-of-life programs and activities to Service members, Civilians, Retirees and their Families stationed near Stuttgart. This area encompasses the installations contained within the cities of Stuttgart, Boeblingen, Vaihingen and Mohringen.  All Armed Forces to include the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard are supported by USAG Stuttgart.

The U.S. Army has stationed Soldiers in Germany since the US demobilized in the post-war period and after the end of the occupation of Germany in 1949. Soldiers continue to serve with their allied military counterparts to protect western democracy on the European continent and protect US interests in the European theater.

Attorney Peter Kageleiry, Jr., focuses his legal practice exclusively on military court-martial law and related adverse administrative actions. See his rating on AVVO.

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