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I want a Discharge Upgrade

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An “Other than Honorable” (OTH) discharge from the military can have significant and far-reaching consequences. For this reason, many recipients of an OTH Discharge want a discharge upgrade.

I want a Discharge Upgrade

A person might want a discharge upgrade for several reasons, including Access to VA Benefits like the GI Bill and home loans. Additionally, there are other federal state and local benefits veterans can be restored with a discharge upgrade. An OTH discharge can also affect a person’s employment opportunities.  Many federal jobs require an honorable or general discharge. An upgrade can open up these employment opportunities. Additionally, an honorable discharge can improve job prospects in the private sector, as some employers may view less favorable discharges negatively.

General and OTH Discharges, Social Stigma, and Personal Pride

Many service members who receive OTH discharges experience social stigma and a blow to their self-esteem. Many go on to lead productive lives and want to shed the weight of an OTH discharge. Upgrading a discharge can reduce or eliminate the social stigma associated with less favorable discharges, improving personal and professional relationships. Achieving an upgrade can improve self-esteem and personal pride.

Financial Need and Health Care Access

Those needing a upgrade in their characterization of service may need to upgrade due to Legal and Financial Reasons and access to health care. With restored benefits and improved job prospects, financial stability can be easier to achieve. Additionally retroactive benefits, including pay and allowances, might be awarded in some cases. Health Care Access and housing stability are also reasons to upgrade a discharge. An upgrade can facilitate access to mental health services and support, which can be crucial for veterans dealing with PTSD or other mental health issues. Access to VA loans can be restored with a discharge upgrade improving housing stability and reducing the risk of homelessness.

A Chance to Serve Again

Many service members despite their characterization of discharge, really enjoyed their military careers and were proud to serve. Many want to join again if just given the chance. A discharge upgrade may restore the option for Future Military Service.  An upgrade might make it possible to re-enlist in the military, which can be important for those who wish to continue their military career.

Correcting Injustice and Restoring Rights

Upgrading a Discharge may also be a matter of correcting injustices. If a veteran believes their discharge was unjust or due to factors such as discrimination, improper procedures, or mitigating circumstances (e.g., untreated mental health issues), they might seek an upgrade to correct the record. Changes in military policies regarding certain offenses (such as behavioral health-associated misconduct and other issues related to mental health, or changes in societal views on issues like sexual orientation) can provide grounds for seeking an upgrade. As citizens every American has Legal Rights and Privileges. If a general or OTH discharge has taken away those rights, an upgrade can restore certain legal rights and privileges that might have been lost due to the original discharge status, such as voting rights in some states or eligibility for certain licenses.

Applying for a Discharge Upgrade

Seeking a discharge upgrade involves applying to the appropriate military review board, such as the Army Discharge Review Board (DRB), Navy Discharge Review Board or the Army Board for Correction of Military Records (BCMR) or the Board for the Correction of Naval Records.

If you want a discharge upgrade, and need help with applying, access your records and contact us here today or call us at 757-504-2815.

I want a Discharge Upgrade
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I want a Discharge Upgrade
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