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Military sexual assault lawyer

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Defend against Article 120 UCMJ allegations when you find a military sexual assault lawyer

This video discusses why it’s important to find military sexual assault lawyer  who knows how to defend against UCMJ Article 120 Sexual Assault Allegations. You need to find a find military sexual-assault lawyer as soon as you discover you are under investigation for UCMJ Article 120 sexual assault allegations.

Why choose our attorney to represent you against Article 120 UCMJ  allegations? 

I am court-martial defense attorney Peter Kageleiry, Jr. Since 1998, I have successfully defended and prosecuted sexual assault Article 120 charges all over the world. I am an aggressive investigator and an experienced military trial attorney. I am experienced in cases where there are false allegations. You would hope that people would not falsely accuse others of crimes such as these. These accusations are incredibly serious and must be dealt with thoroughly with the help of a Military Sexual Assault Lawyer. You’ve come to the right place.

If you are facing a court-martial for sexual assault you are in for the fight of your life.  Military law enforcement and military prosecutors will use every means at their disposal to secure a conviction. The consequences of a court-martial conviction for sexual assault are serious and may include: prison, a punitive discharge and sex offender registration. This can happen even in the event of false allegations. You need an experienced military sexual assault attorney who will fight to protect your rights and your freedom. If you have already been convicted of sexual assault, you need experienced representation to appeal a sexual assault conviction. find a military sexual assault lawyer; Army Sexual Assault Lawyer; investigated for sexual assault in the military; UCMJ sexual assault; Army sexual assault lawyer; Investigated for sexual assault in the military; Article 120 UCMJ; Article 120 lawyer; military sexual assault investigation


Find a Military Sexual Assault Lawyer
Find a Military Sexual Assault Lawyer

This video describes the importance of having an experienced lawyer to aggressively defend you against UCMJ Article 120 sexual assault allegations

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