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The military takes an aggressive approach to eliminating illegal drug use from its ranks. Military urinalysis programs are far from perfect. If you are facing an adverse administrative action or court-martial for a drug offense you need a defense attorney who knows the military and who has successfully defended drug cases in the past. Your military career and your future are at risk. You need an experienced military defense attorney who will challenge the government’s case and fight to protect your rights, your career, and your freedom.

I am military attorney Peter Kageleiry, Jr., a retired JAG officer, former paratrooper and experienced military drug crimes defense attorney. Since 1998, I have successfully defended and prosecuted many drug cases. I have extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of courts-martial, court-martial appeals and adverse administrative actions. From my offices, I represent members of the U.S. Armed Forces worldwide.

An Experienced Court-Martial Attorney Dedicated To Defending Your Rights

I provide an aggressive defense against all types of drug crime charges, including possession, possession with intent, distribution, and other drug-related charges. I have the determination, skill and experience needed to protect your rights.

Military Urinalysis Programs And Your Constitutional Rights

The law related to military urinalysis programs is extraordinarily complex and always evolving. If you have a positive urinalysis test, it is critical to work with a lawyer with experience at both the trial and appellate levels. The prosecution may try to prove its case primarily through introducing the government records of a positive urinalysis test. Sometimes this tactic is permitted under the law and sometimes it is not. Either way, you need a defense attorney who has the skills necessary to fight back and challenge the government’s evidence. Attorney Peter Kageleiry, Jr., can protect your rights in courts-martial, administrative actions and appeals. Even if you haven’t been charged yet, but you are under investigation, contact The Law Office of Peter Kageleiry, Jr. right away.

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Attorney Peter Kageleiry, Jr., focuses his legal practice exclusively on military court-martial law and related adverse administrative actions.

Defending Your Freedom

If you are a soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine facing a military court-martial or
if you are under investigation put Peter Kageleiry to work in your military defense.
Your military career, your service record and your future depend on it.

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