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A Civilian Military Lawyer Near You

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Service members volunteer to defend their country honorably. They are expected to act with honor. People who choose to serve, regardless of the personal or monetary benefits, tend to have these characteristics. To serve, military members agree to be held to a higher standard of conduct than an ordinary citizens. Violations of these standards of conduct come with penalties that you do not see in civilian life because they are enforced under the Uniformed Code of Military Justice, which has the force of the Law behind it. When service members find themselves in trouble, they may start searching for a “civilian military lawyer near me”. Wherever service members are stationed, whether it’s California, Washington State, Colorado, or in North Carolina, a search may look something like this: “military lawyer in Fayetteville” or “Find a Military Lawyer at Fort Bragg”.

Civilian Military Lawyer Specializing in Military Law

Sometimes when service members find themselves in violation of a UCMJ article, their instinct may be to find a lawyer. They may even search for a “UCMJ lawyer near me”.  This is because not every lawyer is familiar with military matters. A Civilian Military lawyer specializing in military law will likely have served in the military as a Judge Advocate and should be well versed in the UCMJ. As well, they understand military culture and the nuances of facing the military justice system. Finding an experienced civilian military lawyer who understands what service members are facing can make the difference in the outcome of one’s case.

How do I find a military lawyer near me?

Often service members may think their attorney must be in a brick-and-mortar office right outside their base so a search for a “military lawyer near me” makes sense. However, the most important aspect of choosing a lawyer is experience. In our digital age, proximity is no longer needed unless a case goes to Court-Martial or an Adverse Separation Board. Most representation and coordination happens right over the phone and through our computer systems. An experienced civilian military lawyer can interview witnesses, collect statements, and consult with clients and investigators remotely until the time for in-person representation is needed.

How do I Find a Military Lawyer at Fort Bragg or in Fayetteville?

The military is very rich in culture, especially when it comes to individual stations and units. The famed 82d Airborne Division is unlike any other. Its paratroopers may prefer to have an attorney who understands their culture. They would first start by trying to find a military lawyer in Fayetteville. Mr. Kageleiry spent two tours as a paratrooper, servicing as a military police officer and as a JAG. He deployed three times from Fort Bragg. Mr. Kageleiry understands the unique culture that is Fort Bragg. When someone is looking for a military lawyer in Fayetteville, they aren’t limited to looking just outside the gate. Finding the right civilian military lawyer who understands your experience is more important than finding a civilian military lawyer at Fort Bragg specifically.

Find a military lawyer at fort bragg; military lawyer in fayetteville; civilian military lawyer near me; find a civilian military lawyer Soldiers on a road march with combat ruck sacks and reflective belts march along a major road that runs through Fort Bragg

Do I even need a lawyer?

If you are under investigation or been charged with a violation of the UCMJ, you may be facing one of several actions depending upon the charge and your rank. If an investigation is founded, a service member may face adverse action or a court-martial depending upon the severity of the charge. Anything other than Sexual Assault is usually handled by non-judicial punishment or a reprimand (GOMOR), followed by a potential adverse separation. Those with six or more years of service would face AdSep Board, for enlisted, or a Board of Inquiry or Show Cause Board. If you are under investigation consult with a civilian military attorney before making any statements. If you are under investigation, facing NJP, a GOMOR, or have been notified of a separation board, give us a call to see if the Law Office of Peter Kageleiry, Jr. can assist.

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