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Former Senior Appellate Attorney At the JAG Defense Appellate Division

If you, or a loved one was convicted by a military court-martial,
you have been through a traumatic, life-altering event. Now you are searching for help in figuring out what to do next and how to overturn a conviction. The military has
a court-martial appellate system with unique power to review court-martial convictions and in some cases provide significant relief to convicted service members. It’s important to find an appellate defense attorney who has experience working within this unique system. Your choice of an appeal attorney could make
the difference in your appeal increasing the possibility to overturn a conviction.

I am military defense lawyer Peter Kageleiry, Jr. I am an experienced court-martial appellate defense attorney. Since 1998, I have focused on court-martial law and I have successfully defended many court-martial cases and court-martial appeals around the globe. In my role as Senior Appellate Attorney at the Army Defense Appellate Division, I contributed to dozens of the most significant military appellate cases in recent years including the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, seeking success to overturn a conviction. I was chosen to work on the most complex appellate cases and participated in specialized training for appellate defense attorneys handling appeals. I retired from the Defense Appellate Division as a lieutenant colonel.

“It is priceless to have on your team a support system and a lawyer you can trust like Peter, who truly care about you not just as an individual that they represent, but you as person.”

Why Hire A Civilian Court-Martial Appellate Attorney?

Experience matters. I am a retired lieutenant colonel and I served as both a line officer and a JAG: I know both military law and the military. The military will provide you with an appellate attorney at no expense to you. Most of these attorneys work hard and care about the job they do. I designed and implemented the training program for new appellate attorneys at the Army Defense Appellate Division. I have tremendous respect for the young attorneys assigned to the Appellate Divisions. However, these young JAGs are stuck in a system focused on career advancement and numbers of cases processed instead of individual clients. You have served our nation bravely and you deserve an appellate defense attorney whose only concern is helping you win your case.

Not all defense attorneys, civilian or military, are the same. Since 1998 I have focused on military court-martial law. I have helped thousands of military members. Make sure the attorney you choose has the experience necessary to get the best outcome for you, your career and your family. I invite you to take a detailed look at my attorney profile.

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Attorney Peter Kageleiry, Jr., focuses his legal practice exclusively on military court-martial law and related adverse administrative actions.

Defending Your Freedom

If you are a soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine facing a military court-martial or
if you are under investigation put Peter Kageleiry to work in your military defense.
Your military career, your service record and your future depend on it.

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