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Navy Chief Accused of Fraternization, Article 92, RETAINED By Administrative Separation Board

 In ARTICLE 92, Board of Inquiry, Separation Board

I hired Mr. Kageleiry to represent me at an administrative separation board. With my career and retirement at risk, I did not want to take any chances so I spoke with several civilian attorneys before finding Pete. Those other attorneys either wanted an absurd amount of money and/or did not know what they were talking about. When I talked with Pete, it was obvious he has done this before. Pete did an excellent job throughout the process. Before the board, I worked closely with him (not some assistant) to come up with a winning strategy. He patiently answered all my questions and gave me clear advice.

The day prior to the board, I met the attorney the Navy gave me — he had not read the file and had a crazy approach to the board that might have gotten me kicked out of the Navy. On the other hand, Pete knew exactly how to approach the board — on the day of the board hearing, he quickly established trust with the board members and was able to talk directly and honestly with them about the best outcome not just for me but also for the Navy. Pete’s military experience and his legal knowledge allowed him to speak with authority. The board members respected him and appreciated talking to an experienced attorney who obviously knows what he is doing. After listening to Pete talk, reviewing our letters, and my record, the board members voted unanimously to keep me in the Navy. Mr. Kageleiry even convinced them to write a letter of support to Navy personnel command. This was the best outcome I had hoped for. I am grateful I found Mr. Kageleiry and look forward to continuing in the Navy and reaching retirement in a few years.

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